Mission Statement

Genesis exists to help people live a life free from addiction. 
Through our discipleship strategy and a Christ-centered atmosphere, students will become Spiritually, Psychologically, Financially, and Physically healthy.  
It is our desire to provide a holistic approach to discipleship so that each student will live the life God richly designed for them to live. By using biblical principles, we pray they learn to find their help and value from the Lord.

Our 12-month discipleship strategy is designed to Help People Live a Life Free from Addiction


  • Weekly Church service
  • Entire word of God in a year
  • Prayer in onsite Chapel
  • PSNC – Personal Studies for New Christians
  • Milk, Meat, Bread, Fish Christian growth series
  • Daily morning and evening devotions
  • Bible Studies
  • Scripture memorization
  • Biblically based contracts designed around each student needs
  • Celebrate Recovery (12 Steps)
  • Students learn how to develop and cultivate spiritual disciplines


  • Weekly meetings with staff
  • Guiding students to seek answers from the word of God
  • Seek & Safety Classes for emotional grounding
  • Counseling through moral inventory
  • Identifying the mental & emotional needs
  • 16-week parenting class
  • Stress management classes
  • Weekly teachings from Teen Challenge Curriculum
  • Personal mentor (after 90 days)


  • Dave Ramsey foundation class
  • Budget while working part-time in transition period for the following:
    1. Tithe
    2. Participate in Wheels4Hope program
    3. Future home and expenses
    4. Outstanding debt
    5. Future school enrollment


  • Daily vitamin intake
  • Fuel Fridays for healthy living skills
  • Exercise daily
  • Seek & Safety (physical grounding effects)
  • Provide balanced meals
  • Healthy menu planning
  • Planting & harvesting garden
  • Teach good hygiene
  • Provide Emergency doctors visits if needed (we do not have medical staff)