One of the primary ways to grow spiritually is by serving. Jesus demonstrated this for us as He came not to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many!
(Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45, John 13:1-17)

Volunteering is a way to serve and our volunteers are absolutely essential to the success and sustainability of the ministry. Some of the countless things you can do include:

  • supervision at the house
  • transportation to and from appointments and events
  • teaching life skills (cooking, cleaning, sewing, public speaking, formal writing, financial management, fine arts, etc.)
  • leading devotions or Bible/book studies
  • mentorship and sponsorship

These are just a few ways you can volunteer at Genesis! We are honored to also receive invitations to homes, churches, birthday parties, and other social events to be connected and involved with our volunteers outside of the house. This rapport with other believers allows our ladies to see other ladies and families living a life of freedom and consistency that perhaps they have not yet seen. The sacrifices our volunteers make in order to invest in lives and futures are not taken lightly at all and we tremendously appreciate the willingness to pour love into them, which helps them to heal, recover, and stay free!

We currently have openings for volunteers in various areas. If you feel led to serve, please fill out the volunteer form and staff will reach out to you.


Below are our greatest house needs:

gift cards to grocery/hardware/department stores and gas cards
1 ply toilet paper (ONLY)
paper towels
Kleenex tissue

body wash

hair brushes

hair products
ponytail holders

school supplies (pencils, pens, notebooks, journals, Bible Highlighters)

brand new underclothes (all sizes)

cleaning supplies
“free and clear”
laundry detergent
dish detergent

latex and non-latex gloves

First-Aid items

non-alcohol mouthwash


non-aerosol hairspray

office supplies (copy paper, ink)
If something is not listed that you think we need and would like to donate, please call 336-344-2525!