One of the primary ways to grow spiritually is by serving. Jesus demonstrated this for us as He came not to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many!
(Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45, John 13:1-17)

Volunteering is one way to serve- our volunteers are essential to the success and sustainability of the ministry. Our volunteers help us meet the needs of our students more effectively and efficiently. Your gifts, talents, and skill set will determine where you serve best. Please be sure to list those on your application as well as an area you feel led to serve.

Teams to serve on:

  • Mentoring: Helping students grow into the person God has called them to be. This serving opportunity is 2 hours weekly or bi-weekly. The students are assigned a mentor upon completing a minimum of 3 months in the program. You can also choose to follow your students after they complete the program.
  • Sponsors: A sponsor is responsible for holding the individual accountable to work the 12 steps and principles of Celebrate Recovery and attend meetings. This position is a safe person for the student. It’s available once a student reaches their 10th month in the program and will follow after completing the program. This is a long-term volunteer commitment that consists of about 30 minutes per week.
  • Supervision: This position is to cover as “staff” in the event that we are short-staffed. This serving opportunity is an as needed position.
  • Transportation: Provide transportation to and from appointments. This serving opportunity is an as needed position.
  • Events: Helping plan, set up, serve, and clean up events. The time commitment for this position is 5-7 times/year attending each event for about 5 hours. This may vary depending upon the event.
  • Office Assistant: Once a week and/or bi-weekly to help with filing/organization, computer work, returning phone calls, typing letters and any other office responsibilities as needed.

Coordinator positions available:

  • Supervision Coordinator: This position is responsible for assigning volunteers open time slots and communicating with program manager on the schedule.
  • Alumni Coordinator: This position is responsible for keeping open communication and relationships with past students. Also, scheduling dinner quarterly with past and current students.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: This position is responsible for scheduling volunteers for upcoming events, promoting ministry volunteers needs, and keeping all volunteers up to date via email/phone. This position will work with the executive office assistant.
  • Fundraiser Coordinator: This position will work with the ED and board members to plan and execute several fundraisers a year.
  • Event Coordinator: This position will help coordinate the fall banquet, 3 volunteer trainings, and one graduation per year. This position will work with the executive office assistant.
Some areas you may consider serving in can be scheduled according to the following:

  • Bible Study
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Movie Nights
  • Gardening
  • Group Exercise
  • Shared meal and fellowship with your small groups or family
  • Life Skills Training (Ex: meal planning, budgeting, sewing, etc.)

Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • You will be given a detailed list of duties and responsibilities once you are assigned an area of service.
  • You are responsible for following and keeping the standards set in the handbook of rules, policies, and procedures of Genesis Ministries. Please sign the back page and submit it with your volunteer application. You may keep the handbook for reference.
  • Attend annual volunteer training.
  • All volunteers will be subject to a 60-day evaluation period.
  • Time commitment will be determined by the area of service in which you serve.
  • Please notify the Volunteer Coordinator and/or Staff when you are unable to meet your scheduled volunteer commitment. We ask for a 48-hour notice, when possible. This will allow time to fill your serving position.
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
–Winston Churchill