Our 12-month discipleship strategy is designed to Help People Live a Life Free from Addiction


  • Weekly Church service
  • Entire word of God in a year
  • Prayer in onsite Chapel
  • PSNC – Personal Studies for New Christians
  • Milk, Meat, Bread, Fish Christian growth series
  • Daily morning and evening devotions
  • Bible Studies
  • Scripture memorization
  • Biblically based contracts designed around each student needs
  • Celebrate Recovery (12 Steps)
  • Students learn how to develop and cultivate spiritual disciplines


  • Weekly meetings with staff
  • Guiding students to seek answers from the word of God
  • Seek & Safety Classes for emotional grounding
  • Counseling through moral inventory
  • Identifying the mental & emotional needs
  • 16-week parenting class
  • Stress management classes
  • Weekly teachings from Teen Challenge Curriculum
  • Personal mentor (after 90 days)


  • Dave Ramsey foundation class
  • Budget while working part-time in transition period for the following:
    1. Tithe
    2. Participate in Wheels4Hope program
    3. Future home and expenses
    4. Outstanding debt
    5. Future school enrollment


  • Daily vitamin intake
  • Fuel Fridays for healthy living skills
  • Exercise daily
  • Seek & Safety (physical grounding effects)
  • Provide balanced meals
  • Healthy menu planning
  • Planting & harvesting garden
  • Teach good hygiene
  • Provide Emergency doctors visits if needed (we do not have medical staff)